This summer, a series of special weekend openings at Schrecker Fine Art is an ideal opportunity to discover a fabulous new gallery and artists’ collective on the Longner estate - with some big names attached. Katy Rink spoke to gallery owner and sculptor Jeremy Schrecker.
Life Spring and Bedrock at Hammersmith Hospital.
Each day the male inmates broke up rocks for roadmaking as a contribution for their night's accommodation. For almost 90 years the massive lump of granite left behind in the Labour Yard has been carefully preserved by the hospital.
Jeremy Schrecker sculpts amazing sculptures. His works made out of bronze or steel are ace and you should definitely check out his website.
The Times
“But our angel is right in the middle of the room. With a dirty face. In a tattered velvet cap and green overalls. Transforming our lives with a swoosh of sparks and a lot of grinding industrial noise.”
Doves: Stainless steel, Shrewsbury
How often is it that people have a dream of following their heart's desire when it comes to a job, but are, in the end, put off the idea to follow a practical career instead?
Jeremy Schrecker: His art creates a “hum” in Mary Poole’s lovely garden
Momentarily I thought I was back at the Chelsea Flower Show, for Mary Poole's stupendous country garden not far from Shrewsbury would not look out of place at the greatest flower show on Earth.