About the Sculpture

"Jeremy’s sculptural prowess has given rise to a diverse body of work, which ranges from public & environmental sculpture to ecclesiastical art, designer metalwork and even garden design.

Clearly inspired by the 20th century Modernist movement, Jeremy’s art reflects his zest for living and a powerful engagement with the natural world. In his sculpture one can find the essence of nature and humanity, purely distilled into beautiful and elegant sculptural forms, which demonstrate both a truth to his subject and to his chosen material.

Jeremy’s work has an often ambiguous and enigmatic quality but also manages effortlessly to capture a very elemental universal energy. It resonates with optimism and tells a joyous story of the fusion of man, material and nature, whilst conveying the pure exhilaration of being.

Those who seek beauty need look no further than this uniquely exquisite body of work."

Michael Banham-Taylor Artist

Jeremy Schrecker 2011-2023